CHOVET : a trusted partner for your projects
in the fields of glass, cement and industrial minerals and materials industry

CHOVET is a specialist industrial engineering company with an international presence, structured to carry out EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) and EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) projects in the fields of glass, cement, and industrial minerals and materials industry.

About Us

Exceeding your expectations:
our experience and expertise

Applying the world-renowned expertise developed by our engineers, CHOVET is a major player in the fields of glass, cement and industrial minerals. Find out why CHOVET is the best partner for your project.

  • Complete industrial plant
  • Cement expertise
  • Glass expertise
  • Materials expertise



  • Our inspiration and motivation

    We draw inspiration and motivation from satisfying our clients, viewing it as the greatest recognition of our expertise when they repeatedly come back to us to entrust us with new projects.
    With help from our stakeholders, we are developing an ethical model to share and exchange expertise in a wide range of areas, including reducing climate impact, tapping into local employment pools, promoting diversity and leveraging skills.
    We strongly believe in the power of working together and our independence.

  • Our people mean a lot for us

    Our workforce is brimming with talented employees, recruited for their expertise, integrity, agility and ability to surpass themselves.
    Together, we form a dynamic professional collective that draws on the experience and culture of every one of its members.
    We help our people to develop their skills and progress in their careers by taking on complex, ambitious projects.

  • Our international culture

    Our added value comes from the expertise our teams have acquired throughout the world. It is by sharing this knowledge and building on our local roots that we are able to deliver the best results and long-term success.
    We are excited about seizing new opportunities in related markets.

  • Our corporate social responsability

    We study and put forward alternative environmentally friendly solutions. Moreover, we recommend using techniques and technology that facilitate the sustainable use of resources, which consume less energy and present lower risks to humans and the environment.

    We create job opportunities in the regional economy by drawing on local talent managed by our project teams.
    We guarantee employees and sub-contractors will enjoy favorable working conditions in line with our values.


  • Conquer new glass markets

    We are keen to intensify our presence and leverage our international expertise in the rapidly expanding glass market. Our extensive technical and organizational expertise and high performance standards undeniably
    offer a considerable advantage.

  • Drive growth in the cement, industrial minerals and glass markets

    We capitalize on our expertise in our core markets of cement, industrial minerals and materials by taking on increasingly complex projects. The loyalty of our clients stands out as the most accurate reflection of the quality of our work, in France and around the world.

  • Take advantage of new opportunities in related markets

    Our teams design efficient, environmentally friendly industrial facilities. To tackle the ecological
    challenges facing society today,
    we upgrade existing facilities, primarily with respect to energy consumption as well as resource and waste management. Drawing on our 360° vision, we reinforce our strategic position in the decision-making process.

Our key projects

Glass industry

Cement and industrial

Cement unloading workshop

We have been designing and building cement, lime, and various mineral treatment plants for over 50 years.

Glass industry

Glass bottle manufacturing

CHOVET has built a team of complementary specialists with a wealth of experience in designing and building glass production plants.

Materials industry

High added value materials production

Having developed expertise across a variety of disciplines,
we are renowned for our ability to work on innovative projects.


Keep up to date with the latest news about CHOVET

Strong links with our customers

In the field of engineering, our commitment exposes our teams to risks and dangers when working on industrial sites. Given the variations in safety rules depending on the industry and co-activity, we recently organised a CHOVET safety seminar at the Groupe Vicat site in Montalieu, one of our preferred customers. What better way to discuss risks and hazards with one voice than on a customer's site? We would like to express our gratitude to : Groupe Vicat for its warm welcome and its enlightening account of the safety requirements of an enclosed worksite. Trédi Groupe Séché Environnement for sharing the dangers inherent in working together. Our own employees who actively participated in the various stages of this seminar. Our partner Presents for presenting the various legal and administrative aspects in an accessible way. It's important to stress that our commitment to risk information and training is not limited to this one seminar. We have a number of actions and highlights planned for the start of the year, including the production of our new Document Unique d'Evaluation des Risques Professionnels (DUERP). We remain resolutely committed to maintaining high safety standards throughout our operations.

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Running internal team

Our teams like to challenge themselves in their work, just as they do in sport. Some come to work every day by bike. Others train together and form a small running group. We support these initiatives and are proud to have them carry the company name among the 11500 participants in the RunInLyon 2023 - 10 km.

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New innovative project with Enertime

Faced with economic and environmental challenges, we are supporting new projects in heavy industry, providing project management and technical advice for ENERTIME SA and its subsidiary Energie Circulaire. ENERTIME designs and installs systems for recovering waste heat to produce electricity using ORC technology. Our team of engineers was able to learn about this innovative technology during a visit to a reference site equipped with an ENERTIME machine. The system recovers waste heat from the filter outlet of an incinerator to produce electricity at a power of 800 kWe.

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