HR values

  • Bring in the best talent
  • Develop and share professional expertise
  • Cultivate a proactive mindset in all our business lines
  • Contribute to meaningful client projects
  • Stimulate innovation and creativity among employees
  • Encourage empowerment and autonomy
  • Help fulfill the company’s growth targets
  • Promote diversity and learn from other cultures

Overall approach

CHOVET is  a mid-size independent company that regularly recruits new people to enable ourselves to grow and progress. Our HR policy is about much more than just attracting the best talent and involving our employees in interesting client projects. CHOVET inspires its employees to share knowledge and skills from one generation to the next, encouraging the most experienced to pass on their expertise, which enables the company to capitalize on the technical learnings of each project. That is why proximity is an essential component in everything we do. Our open workspaces facilitate discussion and interactions and our managers lead experienced, highly committed teams. We enable our people to surpass themselves by forming a supportive collective that works together and passes on knowledge as part of a culture of which we are very proud. In our industry, we are bound by strong commitments and contractual responsibilities. We expect every single one of our employees to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner and uphold the confidentiality we owe to our clients.

  • Diversity and celebrating cultural differences

    We actively combat stereotypes, which is why we endeavor to modernize the way people think about our industry to ultimately increase the proportion of women in our teams.
    Our projects around the world enable us to build ties with a vast range of very different places and people. The diversity of our team offers strength and drives performance.

  • Recruitment

    Each application receives careful, respectful and well-intentioned consideration. Our high standards mean we only select the most technically competent applicants who also share our vision and values.
    Our employees are our best ambassadors, which is why we encourage them to co-opt people from their own network, thereby creating a participative experience that benefits all parties.

  • Buddies and onboarding

    New recruits can rely on their buddy for support and information to facilitate their integration and understanding of the company.
    We strive to transform this potentially challenging time into an opportunity to demonstrate warmth and friendliness while also sharing knowledge and expertise.

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